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Your audience want to be both educated and entertained. I deliver my talks with energy and humor

Last 7 years I have performed for big conferences 600+ people to small top executive gatherings of 10 people. Let´s discuss your event and see if we can make some magic happen!

"We engaged Max to the IMA Norway Autumn Conference 2019, where he gave talks on ``How to win with Millennials and Generation Z``. He communicated this in an enthusiastic, insightful and fun way. The lecture was both motivating, inspiring and refreshing. We give Max our very best recommendations, and can also reveal that he has received high scores from many of our participants as well on the feedback form."

Heidi Magnussen Brandt

IMA International Management Assistants Norway

"I heard Max at the Norwegian Business Association's meeting on recruitment 5 Feb. Max is energetic and credible at the scene, and summed up by providing some concrete tips that companies can put into practice when recruiting young employees. An important message he ended with: Businesses need Tech-eyes and Wise-eyes! Combine the strengths of the staff!"

Inger Tone Ødegård

The trade association in the Stavanger region

"Met Max yesterday at an event organized by the Fieldwork Event. What a guy. He gave talks on ``How to Win with Millenials and Generation Z`` Wow! He has knowledge, humor, insight, and a way of communicating that provides plenty of motivation and inspiration. I sat ``listening ear`` on the edge of the seat trough out the talk and brought with me a bunch of good reflections and lots of new knowledge. Thank you! Max is strongly recommended"

Gyrid Beck Solberg


"Max gave an energetic and educational lecture on how to lead millenniums. He did thorough research before the seminar and provided some good tips. He also gave a humorous presentation of the theme. We recommend Max!"

Silje Hjeldsbakken

KA Employer organization for church activities

"Heard Max at the Confederation of Norwegian Trade Unions Feb. 5. Max gave a very energetic presentation that hit the spot on the Millenium generation. He gives good tips and gives an entertaining presentation. Recommend those who have the opportunity to listen to Max."

Kirsty Emma Haigh

Hire and Recruitment AS

"I heard Max at the IMA Autumn Conference 2019 where the theme was Yes to Change. Max talked about how to win the new generation: How to win with Millennials and Generation Z. Everyone 40+ years should hear what Max has to say. It is educational and at the same time very entertaining."

Venke Vennerød

BCD Travel

"Max is a professional speaker with humor, the ability to engage the audience and a unique story. Despite his young age, he oozes with experience and confidence on stage. Max grabs the audience from the start and shares experiences and knowledge in an exciting way. Max is one of the speakers who can take any hall and arouse curiosity and dedication with his enthusiasm. We were so lucky to have Max as the closing speaker at the CRE8 CONFERENCE and got the energy-filled finish we needed. Set aside time for questions after the lecture, as Max has a unique ability to communicate with the audience while the auditorium is guaranteed to have many questions. Max showed great willingness to cooperate and took the time to understand our conference concept, who the audience was, and adapted the lecture to match what we wanted. I highly recommend Max."

Oskar Aas


"I had the pleasure of hearing Max's lecture on Millenials at a lecture on Recruitment at the Business Association in Stavanger on February 5, 2019. Max delivers an incredibly interesting take on how Millenials think, and how companies can best leverage their potential. The lecture was held in an extremely energetic manner, and also with a good dose of humor. This allows him to capture the interest of the entire audience, while also drawing an incredible number of interesting views on the topic he was talking about. Really recommended!"

Andreas Kverneland

Experis AS

"Listened to Max at the trade association in Stavanger yesterday, he was talking about the Millenium generation. He is skilled in execution, trustworthy and entertaining. Can be recommended!"

Åshild Holst Johnsen

Ipeople AS

"Max gives energetic lectures from beginning to end where he inspires and motivates his audience. He is able to hold the attention of the listener on a level rarely reached. Highly recommended!"

Hanne Rovik

Sense Personell

"Max gave a very engaging lecture to 250 schoolchildren on Q Dairy Consumer Day, which was about what an entrepreneur is and how they can also become one. It was clear that he had done a lot of research to adapt the content to the target audience - it was both knowledgeable and entertaining. An excellent inspirer on stage!"

Malene Balto

Geelmuyden Kiese

"Max was a speaker at Young 37 ° C and it was a pleasure to visit him! The lecture was aimed at the students and what it is like to be an entrepreneur - where he provided a number of tips on how to get started and different ways to get started. He also talked about young leadership and what influence one can have on others as a young leader today. Would recommend Max to anyone who wants an engaging lecture on his inspiring and motivating story."

Martin Sannes

Start UiS

"I engaged Max to 37 ° C Young Life Science Technology & amp; Exhibition Conference. Max gave an entertaining and rewarding lecture on entrepreneurship and young leadership. The lecture was of good quality, and Max managed in a unique way to engage the entire audience in the lecture. Max met exactly, had no trouble taking it in English and was very comfortable on stage. The collaboration from start to finish went on rails. Overall rating: Great value."

Robin Marstrøm

Start UiS

"I had the pleasure of listening to Max Gouchan at Emax, an entrepreneurial event organized by Innovation Norway. Max is an engaging speaker who delivers on stage and provides inspiration and knowledge to the audience!"

Hamza Malik

Emax Alumni Norge

"Max is an accomplished speaker who knows how to engage. He makes you think and speak from experience. His ability to carry over to you as you sit and listen to him. Definitely recommended."

Lars Christian Thune

Start Norge

"This man is the definition of inspiration, enthusiasm, and dedication, which makes him bring an audience with him. Max is a knowledgeable speaker who inspires and gives concrete examples from his own experience as an entrepreneur. Highly recommended! These are lectures that will be remembered."

Tone Norum

Nord Universitet

"Max inspired me the first time I got to experience his lecture on his basic journey during EMAX. Honest & inspirational speaker, with a humorous description of what it is like to make exceptional choices to create your own path & develop multiple startups. In 2016 I had the pleasure of seeing him again with a treaty during the CR8 conference at NMBU. This time with his descriptions of his start and current steps to develop new business in London. What a guy! Worth the minutes of lessons & entertainment!"

Vilde Bang Foss

Vilde Media / Young Sustainable Impact

"<div class="review"> <div class="rating-container"> <div class="crfp-rating-text"> I had the pleasure to have Max as speaker under the conference «Næringslivsdagene 2014» at Stavanger Konserhus for BI Stavanger. He really motivated the students and got them to see the opportunities of entrepreneurship. I would definitely recommend Max for a future conferences. He did a great job. </div> </div> </div>  "

Fredrik Brekke

Næringslivsdagene BI Stavanger

"Max met at Innovation Norway's Entrepreneur event Emax where he gave lectures. It impressed. His enthusiasm easily infects in to others. I can say in modesty, this is a guy you should book for your event!"

Marcus Winnfors Ravik


"Max is an engaging, knowledgeable and talented speaker. He shares his experiences and knowledge through situations that he himself has experienced that give the lectures a new dimension."

Torstein Nilsen Guddal

BIS Stavanger

"I have had the pleasure of hearing Max at Emax Norway. He is an amazing speaker! Very knowledgeable, huge passion, a lot of experience and a twinkle in the eye. I really recommend this talented man as a speaker!"

Rikard Bøe

CEO Destinate AS

"I got to see Max at his engaging lecture at BI Norwegian Business School, and hope the opportunity presents itself several more times in the future. He is an inspirational guy who serves good stories with indomitable enthusiasm. It will also be exciting to follow him in the future because I have no doubt that he will get a lot of interesting things done."

Bjarne Sutherland

Jippo AS

"Very good and engaging speaker. We have booked Max several times to Young Right Conservative party meatings and are always happy!"

Aleksander Stokkebø

Member of Parliament - The Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs

"Max is an engaging and very talented public speaker, with clear points in his talks that are easy to grasp. We have used him on several occasions because he manages to keep the audience's attention with his great stories and funny about a young entrepreneur's experience. He can really be recommended!"

Jan Erik Jacobsen

Ungt Entreprenørskap Rogaland

"Max offers himself on stage as much as he acts professionally. With a lot of energy and emotion behind every point, he inspires others to take the step forward to pursue their dreams."

Martin Reinertsen

Product Manager

"Max is an enthusiastic, engaging and talented speaker. He shares knowledge and experiences that are useful to many. Recommended!"

Osman Amith


"Max is an accomplished and lively speaker! He manages to attract the audience and tells in a way that people recognize themselves, while also inspiring with their thoughts, experiences, and knowledge. Have seen him perform several times during different events and have never been disappointed with content or the performance! RECOMMENDED 🙂"

Vilde Fekjan Bonsak

Event Manager i Connect Minds

"Max gave a brilliant lecture and workshop. He got the mood in the room right away with his energetic attitude, positive attitude, and creative performance. The workshop was very good at getting everyone involved and Max took the time to answer any questions along the way! I would highly recommend Max!"

Fredrik Rannestad Samuelsen

Sandnes og Jæren UH

"Max is a top-class speaker. He delivered a brilliant lecture on entrepreneurial life and engaged the entire room. Max comes with such dedication and willingness that anyone feels that they can become an entrepreneur after a lecture by this man."

Kristoffer Bjordal

Sandnes og Jæren Unge Høyre

"When Max gave lectures at Start UiS he took the stage with high energy and got the audience with him. Max inspires new founders with their own history that contains insight into basic life. I would recommend Max as a speaker for your next event!"

Sander Sjøthun

Student at University of Oslo

"Saw Max in Bergen at the Venture Cup. Max delivers an unadulterated variant of the startup life and grasps important attitudes and approaches for all foundations and evocative foundations. Max does this largely through his own personal experiences. I highly recommends Max as a speaker!"

Christian Hoff Olsen

Snutekassen AS

"Max came to Bodø Business School on our career day and was very impressed. An engaged, energetic, inspiring and fun man who had the audience with him throughout the lecture. Highly recommended!"

Ulrikke Ariel Åsjord

The Norwegian School of Economics Student Association Nord (HHS)

"Max is an inspiring and thought-provoking speaker engaging the audience with good humor and outstanding enthusiasm. He does not embellish on the reality, but gives a genuine life-preparation as a founder. Strongly recommends seeking one of his talks!"

Christian Fredrik Burja

Student at University of Oslo

"I was listening to Max when he held a lecture at the CRE8 conference this fall. He is incredibly good at engaging the audience and presents himself with his winning and positive personality. He plays on humor while at the same time getting more important points! I strongly recommend Max!"

 Malin Øiseth


"Max always brings his A-game to a talk. I have seen him present on several occasions. His presentations are packed with energy and filled with insights. I definitely recommend engaging Max as a presenter at your next event."

Matthew Lynch

Lecturer at Østfold University College and Head of training and innovation at Pracademy

"Did listen to Max when we had kick off with Young Entrepreneurship. He has an energy that is impossible to measure, and it is impossible not to be inspired. He has tremendous expertise in the things he lectures on, and if given the opportunity, you should definitely listen to him! I would really recommend Max!"

Lars Njærheim

Hetland Vidergående Skole

"I have known Max through work-related business in the past, but for the first time,  heard him as a speaker during INMA's "8 Minutes of Digital Marketing" conference in Oslo, December 6, 2018. What impresses me is how many entrepreneurial projects he has come across despite their young age. In the lecture, he managed to convey great knowledge and experience with humor and "Glitter in the eye", such a love of the audience."

Arild Slettebø

Eiendomsmegler 1 - SR Eiendom AS