Are you doing this simple, yet crucial mistake in your recruitment ads?

Most of Millennials and Gen Z, when applying for a job, want to take a part of a journey. They want to be a part of a mission, a part of something bigger than themself, wake up every day and feel their input will matter.

Now, a lot of companies do this one crucial, yet super easy to fix the mistake. And that is that they don’t include the mission statement of their company in their open vacancies descriptions.

Try next time to include the mission statement in the description, and also talk about it on the interview, get them excited!

One of my favorite is at Tripadvisor:

“To help people around the world plan and have the perfect trip.”


Now, if your a fresh out of uni Millennial or Gen Z, and you have a passion for travel, this is a journey you could easily join.

An example, of maybe not the clearest mission statement, is from Avery. They try to do everything.

Avon Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the lives of women globally. In our core cause areas of Breast Cancer and Violence Against Women, we aim to accelerate progress, accountability and discovery, while also reducing the social stigma that sometimes keeps these issues in the shadows. We take a woman-centric approach on all projects to break traditional barriers and build a better future for women, because we know that the greater the support, the more empowered women feel to take control of their health and safety.


Now this is a hard one to remember…

Summary: try to include your mission statement as much as possible in the recruitment process. If you’re a startup, rethink your mission statement and don’t fall into the Avon trap of trying to be everything for everyone in the statement, make it short, spot-on, and easy to remember.

Author: Max Gouchan, a public speaker about Millennials and Gen Z.