3 things to do as an entrepreneur in this unusual times.

  1. Go through all the regular expenses you have per month, and see what you can negotiate down or cut off. I use Pipedrive CRM, Canva Pro, LinkedinPro, Tripletex accounting system + other things for my investment, consultancy and speaking business. I personally called around all my providers and tried to negotiate a discount or free period for the next few months to get all of my regular cost down. Everybody has been super helpful and my monthly costs have goon way down the next 4 months. This will only take you a maximum of one hour, so just do it!
  2. Start thinking now, don’t spend time grieving over what’s lost. All my public speaking worth thousands of dollars disappeared overnight, and many projects postponed due to crisis. I did a creative brainstorm with myself and a few of my mentors drawing down some ideas on what I can do TODAY to maintain momentum. One of the things I do now is creating a course on how to get started as a public speaker that will be launched on Udemy soon, stay tuned. And the other was to look through my network and see who is still in business and reaching out to help with their concepts, business development, strategy and online marketing campaigns that still are
  3. Don’t go around being negative, spend all the time you can on being productive. I know it can be hard, you wake up, read the news and it feels like the world will never be the same. Well, it will, and those who spend the time wisely now will come out strongest once the whole crisis is over. Here is how I divided my time while being in lockdown. 30% is spent on consultancy and maintaining good cash flow in my own company. 30% on planning and preparing new projects and concepts we will launch once the market is ready. 30% on self-development, reading new books, practicing public speaking, watching online courses and masterclass.

How are you spending the time, your energy and your focus during this crazy times?