Are you using this smart marketing trick when onboarding new employees?

Back in the old days when someone new started in a company, it was easy, give them a tour around the office, introduce them to new co-workers and show where the water cooler stands.

These days the first day of a new employee can be a huge marketing opportunity for your recruitment campaigns.

Here is my advice: make the first-day “instagrammable”, so that the new employee shares it on every social media he has bragging about his new job and how awesome it is. This will position yourself as a cool and fun place to work at, and will also feel genuine for the viewers.

Bonus is that the employee will also enjoy that first day super much!

One of the best ways to increase the chances of someone putting pictures out on the first day at work is to make the workstation easy to photo and appealing to share on social media. Here are some examples.


Has this welcome desk, it shows off that the employees can have moderne tools like MacBook and provide casual wear signaling what kind of laid back, the casual atmosphere they have at work.

Photo: Printvenue, Twitter


Are you including some books on how to structure your day and be more effective? A huge challenge many millennials faces. 

Image Dribbble

Social Chain

Noticing any weird? Yes, they actually offer a bottle of Bacardi. I know Steve the founder and they have a very fun, party-like atmosphere at all their offices. For me, not a big surprise.

Image via Inspire Marketing Services


Here is my favorite. Why not include a nerf gun so that a whole department can randomly start a nerf war before lunch? 

Image via Reddit.


First day of a new hire is a big opportunity for you to market your company on different social media channels, and at the same time show the culture, and give the tool to your new employe.

Are you getting most out of the first day of your new teammates?